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Why Techduce Africa?

Innovative Solution, Unlimited Advantage.

At Techduce Africa, we work tirelessly to always provide innovative business solutions. All our products and services have a single purpose: To harness the endless possibilities of digital technology and automation for the growth of every African business.

Our Journey

Since 2019.

Techduce Africa is a Software Development Leading Company in Africa. The organisation focuses on business suites tools, information technology and internet marketing. We provide solutions for business development and digital technological advancement, developing software as a service for Payment and Financial Management, Sales Management, Website Management, Inventory and MRP, Human Resources, Marketing, CRM, E-Commerce, Service Processes and Productivity. A complete tool to accompany any business growth and efficiency.


Our Mission

To automate everything digital that will solve business problems and cure organizations pain point.



To be a successful software development firm with global relevance trusted by its customers for service excellence, caring for its employees and collaborating with our customers to deliver innovative and value driven SAAS products and services.

Our Services

What We Do.

We are currently offering Website and Digital Marketing Services. We are on a goal service to 3000 businesses, before we start and launch our Software-As-A-Service (SAAS).


A cloud-based web hosting and development service that gives every business a professional and functional web presence, with full in-depth analytics of all web activities and processes.


Secure cloud storage, where you can store, share and work on all your files. All stored files are accessible on any device, anywhere, giving your whole team a seamless workflow.


An advanced all-in-one marketing tool suite. It enables businesses to automate all marketing processes from appointment booking to affiliate marketing and course hosting modelling.


An AI-powered consumer messaging software, with self-service functionality, chatbots and auto replies. Also available with API access, streamlined and customizable for use.


Our Clients Keep Talking About Our Works

The Service was Really Affordable and the Job was professional. They gave me a timeframe to deliver my website and the time was met. When I opened my website, I was WOWed.

Data Adie (Brand Partner with Oriflame).

The experience has been awesome with ducehost. It’s about bringing details to what you want to do.

Oluwafemi Adekunle (CEO of Mediglow NG)

They are good at what they do and they offer the best advice and support that will enable you get the best of any digital marketing campaign. They also assist you to fine tune your materials such as posts or video so you can get the best results while campaigning.

Cassandra Ezidinwa (Tromville Investment Limited)


Our Clients Keep Talking About Our Works

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